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We’ve been doing this as long as anybody.

Founded in London in 1998, Positive expanded to the United States in 2007. We offer our renowned secure cloud services to the North American market from our world-class data centers across the US, including our flagship Point of Presence in downtown New York, NY. Our dedicated support team provide the highest levels of 24/7 support to our customers across the US & Canada.

One of our founders published one of the very first books introducing the public to the Internet back in 1993. So you won’t find another hosting company with deeper roots than ours.

As well as two decades hosting Fortune 500 companies, we helped Ricky Gervais into the record books, made sure the digital infrastructure for important elections ran without a hitch, provided interactive services for leading e-commerce brands, and pioneered major US banks’ Internet presence.


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Positive partners with creative agencies and the world’s biggest corporations alike to get the best out of innovative open technology. We’ve helped our clients into the Guinness Book of World Records, to the top of iTunes charts, and into new and exciting global markets.

Delighted as we are with these headline-grabbing feats, our proudest achievement is that our very first customer remains with us today.


true freedom

When we started out, many wrote off Linux and associated Free and Open Source software as geek toys.

We, on the other hand, took this liberating and pioneering platform seriously. 

Since day one, we’ve devoted ourselves exclusively to honing our expertise with free and open technology. More than 20 years on, we have special expertise working with Debian to build highly-secure private clouds, WordPress, Magento, and all aspects of the LAMP stack, including extensive MySQL/MariaDB expertise.

Our commitment to free and open technologies means we have assembled a team deeply embedded in the very communities that produce the software our customers use every day.

Our expertise goes beyond mere “certification” and tick boxes: whichever of the many free and open software applications you choose to use, there’s a good chance one of our team is involved in its actual development. Our technologists offer unique depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to the agile technologies powering the Internet’s most popular and important sites.


greener data centers


We operate secure facilities in leading US data centers, such as 60 Hudson and 32 Avenue of the Americas in downtown NYC. 

Our data centers are highly secure and ISO 27001/PCI-DSS compliant. Across all of our global data centers, we insist on the highest environmental standards. All of our data centers offer extensive inter-site connectivity, including to Positive Park, our flagship green data center near Cambridge, UK .

Positive Park’s location in the fibreoptic-rich Silicon Fen has given us the opportunity to build a network that can surpass even our earlier Guinness-World-Record-winning efforts. We have had the luxury of designing a network from scratch for today’s multimedia Internet. Positive Park benefits from Silicon Fen’s many connections to premium cloud and Internet infrastructure throughout the world.




Positive Park’s main data floor cooling runs using adiabatic “free” cooling systems which are low-energy and make use of evaporative cooling. In addition Positive Park uses only green electricity sourced from 100% renewable sources.

The Fens around Cambridge, UK are known to be windy. This means that wind-turbines located there are not simply symbolic gestures, but can act as a significant replacement for fossil-fuel power – Positive Park is designed to be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative.

humane support

Simply put, with Positive there are no call queues and no low-level call centers. Our team is hand-picked not just for their technical brilliance but their flexible understanding of your needs.

When you want help, you’ll speak directly to the engineers who can give it there and then. You won’t be burdened by long-winded, alienating escalation procedures or officious statements that “we don’t support that version”. We revel in our dialogue with you and we measure our success by how our customers thrive.

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Gerald & @posipeople had a fun time at Cloud Expo Europe London @excellondon Always great to meet new and interesting people in the industry and even better to bump into a few familiar faces. Lots of inspiring conversations of where Technology and the Cloud will take us this year! #CEE23 #TSL23 #techshowlondon #datacentreworld #cloudexpoeurope #cloud 🦒☁️🌿 ...

If only ‘Best Host’ were an awards category, we’re pretty sure we know who’d win 😉
Give us a call on UK 020 7183 2080 or US (212) 380-8757 to find out more about our industry-leading managed hosting, because bad server management can feel like a real slap in the face 👀

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Happy International Women's Day!

We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate the computer science pioneer - Dr Adele Goldberg 🎉, whose work was instrumental in the development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The GUI is everything we see on the smartphone in your hand or any screen for that matter - the familiar icons and buttons. Imagine using a phone without icons! 📲

Whilst Goldberg was at Xerox, she was in the team which developed the Smalltalk system, which Steve Jobs took inspirations from for the Macintosh user interface - the first commercially successful GUI.

Goldberg is just one of the many women who have made long-lasting contributions to the world of technology.

#IWD #positiveinternet #GUI #internationalwomansday

Happy Pancake Day🥞🥞@posipeople hope you have a flippin’ great day cooking up some tasty treats!

#Pancake #pancakeday #shrovetuesday #giraffes #homecooking

Happy Valentines, with love from @posipeople 💚🦒

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lean and green?
If not, look no further! Here at Positive we:

Run our servers on 100% green, sustainable energy ✅

UK based with our wholly-owned Data Centre, Positive Park (over 200,000 sq feet!) ✅

Use Energy-efficient servers & eco-cooling systems ✅

Provide a fully managed and tailored service for all your needs ✅

Use cutting edge technology to cut our power usage by 20%! ✅

Need we say more? 👀

#green #sustainability #tech #linux #internethosting #greentech #greentechnology #climatechange #carnabystreet

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