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We’re Europe’s leading Linux platform architects.

Our customers include household names who rely on our team and world-class infrastructure for their complete Internet presence.

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We’ve been doing this as long as anybody.

Established in London in 1998, we’ve a rich pedigree when it comes to designing platforms based on Linux which offer fast, secure, scalable hosting and Internet services.

One of our founders published the very first book introducing the UK public to the Internet back in 1993. So you won’t find another hosting company with deeper roots than ours!

Positive has two decades’ experience hosting FTSE 100 companies, the world’s biggest broadcaster, and Europe’s largest insurers.

In our time, we’ve helped Ricky Gervais into the record books, made sure London mayoral elections ran without a hitch, provided interactive services for Sky, pioneered HSBC’s Internet presence, and worked closely with Stephen Fry in his successful online adventures.


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our friends

Since 1998, Positive has partnered creative agencies and the world’s biggest corporations alike to get the best out of innovative open technology. We’ve helped our clients into the Guinness Book of World Records, to the top of iTunes, and into new and exciting global markets.

Delighted as we are with these headline-grabbing feats, our proudest achievement is that our very first customer remains with us today.


true freedom

When we started out, many wrote off Linux and associated Free and Open Source software as geek toys. We, on the other hand, took this liberating and pioneering platform seriously. 

Since day one, we’ve devoted ourselves exclusively to honing our expertise with free and open technology. More than 20 years on, we have deep knowledge of building highly-secure private clouds, optimising WordPress, deploying Magento, and all aspects of the LAMP stack, including extensive experience with complex MySQL/MariaDB systems.

Our commitment to free and open technologies means we have assembled a team deeply embedded in the very communities that produce the software our customers use every day.

Our expertise goes beyond mere “certification” and tick boxes: whichever of the many free and open software applications you choose to use, there’s a good chance one of our team is involved in its actual development. There is nobody in the UK with our depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to the agile technologies powering the Internet’s most popular and important sites.


positive park


We own and operate our highly-secure ISO 27001/PCI-DSS compliant flagship data centre in Cambridgeshire. Staffed by our experts 24/7, we offer services nobody else can thanks to the industry-leading Green Web Foundation-certified Positive Park.

Positive Park’s location in the fibreoptic-rich Silicon Fen has given us the opportunity to build a network that surpasses even our earlier Guinness World Record-winning efforts. We have had the luxury of designing a network from scratch for today’s multimedia Internet. Positive Park’s Silicon Fen location guarantees access to the best connections to cloud and Internet infrastructure throughout the UK and beyond.


Positive Park uses only green electricity sourced from 100% renewable sources. The main data floor runs using adiabatic “free” cooling systems which are low-energy and make use of evaporative cooling.  

The Fens around Cambridge are known to be windy. The wind turbines across the region are a significant replacement for fossil-fuel power and underpin our commitment for Positive Park to be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative. One of the major reasons for moving out of the Docklands, where much ageing UK Internet infrastructure continues to reside, is that we take seriously the realistic warnings from climatologists of that area’s likely fate.

humane support

Simply put, with Positive there are no call queues and no low-level call centres. Our team is hand-picked not only for their technical brilliance but their flexible understanding of your needs.

When you want help, you’ll speak directly to the engineers who can give it there and then. You won’t be burdened by long-winded, alienating escalation procedures or officious “we don’t support that version” jobsworthiness. We revel in our dialogue with you and we measure our success by how our customers thrive.

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"Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

Today, #MLKDay , we @posipeople celebrate & honor the life of the Dr. Martin Luther King. A shining beacon looking toward a future of hope, using peace and love to better the present.

A massive THANK YOU to all our wonderful customers, partners and friends for your loyal support during 2021. We also continue to pay tribute to the amazing key workers in all of our communities 🎄🎅

💚🌟Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all🌟💚

Happy International Women's Day!

We'd like to take this opportunity to celebrate the computer science pioneer - Dr Adele Goldberg 🎉, whose work was instrumental in the development of the Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The GUI is everything we see on the smartphone in your hand or any screen for that matter - the familiar icons and buttons. Imagine using a phone without icons! 📲

Whilst Goldberg was at Xerox, she was in the team which developed the Smalltalk system, which Steve Jobs took inspirations from for the Macintosh user interface - the first commercially successful GUI.

Goldberg is just one of the many women who have made long-lasting contributions to the world of technology.

#IWD #positiveinternet #GUI #internationalwomansday

Happy Valentines, with love from @posipeople 💚🦒

#valentines #giraffe #webhosting #greentech #fyp #linux #technology

Looking for a new cause to support? 💪

CSEdWeek, or Computer Science Education Week, aims to inspire kids to learn about computer science and is celebrated each year during the week of Grace Hopper’s birthday, December 9, 1906! 💻💁‍♀️

Hopper was a computer scientist that invented the first compiler and coined the term “bug” (an error in a program) after removing an actual moth from a computer! 🐛

We @posipeople are big supporters of teaching the importance of computer science in our world today, and especially doing it in a way that’s green and secure! 🍀🔒

You can learn more at https://www.csedweek.org/!

#csedweek #cseverywhere #computerscience #programming #code #coding #codinglife #gracehopper #tech #cloud #linux #webhosting

Today is @posipeople's 23rd birthday! 🎉

A huge thank you to all our wonderful friends, partners, and customers for their continued support over the years. 🦒🍾🎊

We stay true to our founding ethical values by being green and supporting free and open source communities, and are honoured to have worked with so many amazing innovators! 🌿♻️💻

Here's to many more years to come!

#birthday #celebration #23 #tech #cloud #linux #webhosting #green #sustainable #renewableenergy #opensource

Walkin’ the sustainability walk, not just talkin’ the eco talk ☘️

(I know Ricky Gervais 😉)

18’ 8” 📏

IG @posipeople

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Nothing will SPOOK you like losing data! 👻

We wanted to tell you just a little about our 🧛🏼‍♂️FANG-tastic green WEB🕸 hosting platforms WITCH🧙🏽‍♀️ are designed to ensure maximum data integrity & strike a real GOURD🧉 with today's requirements for high-performance digital security.

Our techies know all the #sysadmin & #DevOps TRICKZ to ensure your data is safe 24/7/365, so why not TREAT🍬 yourself to superior service by joining @posipeople today? PUMPKIN tells us you won't regret it! 🎃🎃

👻GHOUL us today on UK 020 7183 2080 or US (212) 380-3395. Don't be GHOSTING us now ... 👻

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